Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Unseen World..

Far across the shore,
Stands a graceful silhouette;
Swaying with the nature,
Looks above the roof.

She looks around, breathe's around;
Nods her head and gives a complacent smile.
Beaming with beauty, she sees the world with her own vision,
Nothing binding her, to dream above the sky.

She loves to love because she knows life,
A life that is unshackled;
A life brimming with endless hope;
And a life that exudes infinite ecstasy;

Struck by the clock, I rise with the light,
My eyes searching that invisible creation in this visible reality,
I laugh softly, with a small pearl in my eye,
Just to know, the dream is too far to realize.

Friday, 13 January 2012

The newly found..

With the beautiful streak of sunlight, splashing up my gentle skin,
I realize , I don’t feel the heat, I don’t feel the swelter,
For all I feel  is the warmth of these yellow rays,
Embracing them with all my love,
As, I lose my self, within the world of silence

I smile all the time,
Discover every moment with some music around,
All the chaos and bedlam, choose to recede
For Silence is empowering,  throwing every hard feeling to defeat.

It is spreading like a fire within,
Leading a war against myself,
Ego, Jealousy, Greed, Envy, Sloth;
Together they push me in this wordly zone
Where everything seems ephemeral.

So I choose to stand by my sword of silence,
To give away answers , without making a sound
Palpable is not what it seems ;
Just plays the trick, with its sheer beauty.

The experience is something serene, is something seraphic ;
It makes me calm when anger fills in my blood,
Makes me feel loved, when solitude is my home,
Makes me strong, when the world is intimidating,

I try to find this mystery, which is so profound in itself,
For it comes with an unheard sound,
Without any visible look,
Yet it strikes so swiftly within me,
Takes me to a sacred place; where no emotions are felt;

Yet am not stoned, not callous or unfelt,
For feelings do exist, wearing a canopy of  purity.

As I walk down its lane ,to cover a distance
Everything seems shallow, so trivial
I laugh, at the silliness of this world
For it is engrossed to gain,
Something which they shall never

The nothingness of its nature, makes it so magical;
like snow falling in the darkness of the house—
Peace,love and smiles, is what it drops with
Drenching this existence, for never to get soaked.

The filth of the world seems far away, so distinct;
As if I never knew them,
Seldom do they knock me over and again
But are thrashed away, by my love for silence.

Friday, 6 January 2012

A lil sneak-peek!

Ever tried sitting in that big giant? That roller coaster ride. Am sure most of us have and those who haven't would certainly want to get their heads and hands onto it. How amazingly it twists and turns, goes up and down, just gets your heart beat pumping right at the spot. What different colours of feelings does it pass you through! Fear, excitement, laughter, panic, vellication, tickles you, freezes you, each changing with the passing of every second.

Ever thought what makes this 5 minutes of little trip so reiterating? Coz it gives you a quick run of these humanly states in a jiffy. "Whoaa...what  a ride was this!!  Let's do it once again " is what we retort at the end.

And for the same reasons, I love riding in the roller coaster that we have been gifted with by default., Yeah..I am talking about this ever-beautiful, surreal life. I cherish it day in and day out coz it gives me chills-thrills and frills, every moment I am in it. Be it happiness, success, failure,love, confusion, disappointment, anger and every other state of feeling that we live with. Every state gushes through me, a new wave of emotions which makes this living all the more worthy.

Unfortunately, we seem to have lost the same zeal and enthusiasm which we have while twirling and twisting in that train like thing. We underestimate, it, criticize it, crib about it everytime. Why?? Because we are not living in the way we ideally should be. We all have entrapped ourselves with so many desires, wants, greed that we have literally forgotten our real source of happiness. Where we lack is unshackling ourselves from these shallow inclinations. I call them shallow because even when I have attained them, they dont make me smile and proud of  myself when I have lost my close friend, or probably when am introspecting myself under the quilt.

It's like a quagmire. Once you are swamped in full-fulling your never-ending wants, you'd keep drowning into it, where you yourself are unaware of the climax. All we are aware of is that it is certainly not favorable to us. What is the real happiness for us?? Wearing the most status empowering brand of clothes, or consuming the oldest bottle of alcohol? Dining at that luxurious 5-Star hotel or Riding in those Mercs and Audi's and BMW's??

We need to shake ourselves, get some reality check. Awakening your own spirit is the call of the moment. We have simply become deaf to our own voices, those sounds that we have trampled under the shoes of 'ego-fulfillment'.That's a bitter fact indeed.

But it's never too late. As it is said, " The day starts whenever you wake up".

Just imagine how would you feel when you have just scrapped your ego and said sorry to your best friend??    Won't you be proud of yourself when you just killed your laziness, just to help your needy realtive/neighbour? How about  buying a chocolate/food for that roadside needy's baby? Do something that makes an impact, makes a difference in people's living. Be the medium to bring smiles around, enable people to dream, to think big, see hope and not consider this life futile. It really not is.

Trust me, if you find the key to get real happiness, you would never want this life to end. Every day will be a new day, filled with passion and ever-lasting smiles :) And a matter of fact...this also is a solution to curing pigmentation. I am the live beneficiary :)

Happy living :)